Testimonials From Past Retreat Students

"Without parallel!  Never been to anything like this before that was as intense, well-organized and personalized."

"This was my first time to attend the Retreat. I was highly impressed with how well run it was, how well organized it was and how friendly and helpful everyone was. I have attended other Irish music schools in Milwaukee and Elkins, West Virginia and the O'Flaherty's Retreat was "top notch" from start to finish."

"I loved the opportunity to learn from the best.  This made the difference in choosing this camp over another."

"Excellent!  I made a lot of progress in two days."

"You’re onto something here. This should put Texas on the map as having one of the best Irish trad instructional retreats."

"In a word – outstanding!  This is something I’ll look forward to attending every year from now on."    

"This event was the most fun I’ve had all year.  I can tell you really take the musicians’ needs to heart."

"INCREDIBLE and FANTASTIC, words that just don’t quite reach high enough!"

"I learned a great deal from every instructor that I heard play.  It was an unbelievable staff!"

"The enthusiasm, knowledge, friendliness and warmth of everyone was incredible.  It helped me keep my passion for the music alive."

"Great sessions, great people, great fun.  Can’t wait until next year."

"It was my first retreat and I thought the whole weekend was absolutely fabulous.  I had sort of lost my connection to Irish music and I came away from the weekend refreshed and re-energized and very present to why I love this music so much."

"Hard to believe you got that much into three days."

"I look forward to this retreat now every year.  It keeps growing and getting better!  Items that were on my wish list were added this year and that shows me that you guys really do want this to be something long lasting and special."

"Overall, I think the retreat was great. It truly is a 'retreat' i.e., you get a chance to get away from it all for a good solid weekend and enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, and having a great time. Good job to the organizers and the people that put the effort into this thing.  Keep it up!"

"Variety and quality of the classes I took was great and exceeded my expectations. I was accepted at my beginner level and learned a lot. Didn't feel like an outsider."

"I really appreciated the welcoming tone of the retreat.  It is a very safe place for beginners to be, and all of us have been and will again be beginners on new instruments.  This came through in the attitudes of the instructors, organizers, session leaders.  It seems to me that this is the core, the soul of this retreat."

"Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! This was the highlight of my year, and I so hope we can do it again next year.   It relights my soul.  What else can I say?"

"This was my first year and the retreat exceeded all of my expectations. I've always enjoyed Celtic music, but have just recently started learning how to play it.  Now, after such a great experience at the retreat, I'm more motivated than ever and can't wait to come back next year!"

"Overall, this year's retreat was an awe-inspiring experience.  In the week since the retreat I have become, if anything, more energized and enthusiastic about Irish music and about my playing. Thanks for helping stoke that fire!"

"Haven't seen so much fun and innovation in one place for quite a while!  Definitely on next year's schedule."

"Every year I am impressed with the talent and dedication at the retreat. The instructors are really interested in mentoring the students and approaching the music with generosity of spirit and an appreciation for the full context. I learned a great deal!"

Gordon McLeod and Rick Cunningham"Well worth the travel time and money spent - I learned more about why Irish music sounds the way it does in three days than I ever knew before. Now I have a 'gold standard' to use as I develop my own performing skills with that style of music."

"Instructor concerts were beyond awesome - what a privilege to be able to hear these musicians solo and together!  I was as blown away!  The mini-concerts at meals were lovely - especially the harp on Sunday morning."

"This was my first retreat and I had a blast. I brought my wife and 2 small children and found it a great place for them to be as well. In fact, the people, as a whole, were the friendliest group of people that we've ever been around in one place (that includes church!). I really liked the family-friendly aspect of the retreat."

"Of all the wonderful aspects of the retreat, though, I think the most wonderful and the most memorable was seeing the effect it had on my son. Andrew really got into the music and into playing in a way that I have never seen in him. When we got home, he and I told the rest of the family about our experiences and then went right out into the front yard and started playing music. No amount of money can buy that kind of experience and your retreat, to a large extent, helped make that happen."

"I could see a real improvement in my playing in this last year and feel it is largely because of the opportunities you offer to us through the retreat.  Thank you so much!"

"The only complaint I had was that I couldn't do it all! The variety of instrumental classes was great! Just wish that I could have taken them all.  The quality of the ones I took was phenomenal!"


"The instructors were excellent. Easy to approach, talk to and get questions answered."

"What a lovely, refreshing weekend.  I learned a lot, and met some great folks.  I feel very lucky to have gotten to go."

"As always, the retreat was an unqualified success.  I have already begun to look forward to next year's events.  I have a whole year's worth of practice to do, but next year will be even better."