Retreat Scholarships -- Deadline Monday, October 1st, 2018

The O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat is a learning environment that teaches the fundamentals of traditional Irish music on a variety of instruments.  It is a continuation of a tradition that started long ago in Ireland as the music was passed down from one generation to another to preserve it.  An important part of the retreat’s mission is to award scholarships based on financial need to selected students who demonstrate musical ability with the potential for excelling within the Irish music tradition.

Download PDF Application or MS Word Application

Application Requirements
The applicant must already play an instrument and would benefit by attending the retreat.  A letter of recommendation by the applicant’s instructor or a person (not a family member) who is deemed qualified to assess the musical ability of applicant is required.  In lieu of a letter, an applicant may send a cassette or CD recording of his or her playing.  It is not required that the applicant perform Irish music on the recording. 

Additionally, a statement of financial need must be submitted with the application by the applicant or, if a minor, by his or her parent or guardian. All financial information submitted will be confidentially held. Please be specific as possible so it will be easier for the Retreat Director to evaluate the financial needs of the applicant.

What’s Included in the Scholarships
There are two scholarships available. Full scholarships are awarded that cover the three-day weekend tuition, lodging and meals of the scholarship recipient.  Partial scholarships are awarded that cover all or a percentage of the tuition. The type of scholarship that is awarded to a particular student is determined by the Retreat Director and the availability of the scholarships. The scholarships will not cover the non-student costs of accompanying parents or guardians (i.e., meals and lodging).

Requirement to Assist During Event
All of our scholarship students or, if considered too young, their parents or guardians are asked to assist the retreat in support of our program. Examples of such assistance include working at the retreat office, at the retreat booth, at the performers’ sales table during evening concerts, or helping set up the retreat or helping tear down when it is over. You will be contacted prior to the retreat and a schedule will be arranged.  If the students schedule does not permit assistance, it will have no effect on their scholarships.

Process for Submission
A completed and signed application with a letter of recommendation and statement of need must be submitted no later than Monday, October 1st, 2018. Because we have a limited number of scholarships to award, please submit an application as soon as possible.

Mail documents to:

O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, 1320 Navaho Trail, Richardson, TX 75080.

To discuss scholarships, call (469) 215-1840 or email the Retreat Director at Upon receipt of the scholarship application, the Retreat Director will make a decision within two weeks and then inform the applicant of the decision.