Payment Policies

Please read the following very carefully. Your reservations and refund options are dependent on following this policy. This policy is necessary to provide registrants as much flexibility as possible, while meeting our commitments to Hoblitzelle Camp & Conference Center and other registrants. Some lodging and class choices will sell out, so we encourage you to register early.  Online registration begins at 9 a.m. (CST), Saturday, May 5th. Thanks!

Upon registering, we encourage you to pay all fees that are due.  At a minimum, a $100.00 down payment must be paid at time of registration.  Final payment is due Saturday, September 15th.

Online Payment via PayPal
We encourage everyone to please pay by PayPal using the PayPal link provided within your O’Flaherty online account.  It simplifies record keeping and you get immediate payment confirmation from PayPal.  The email confirmation from PayPal is your receipt.  However, allow one week to see your payment reflected in your O’Flaherty account balance since the registrar must manually update your account.

Payment by Check
If paying by check, send it to O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, 1320 Navaho Trail, Richardson, TX 75080.  Please do not send cash. The check must be received within one week of online registration.  At time of registration, send email to our registrar Rick Roberts at to alert us the check is in the mail.

Delayed Payment, Non-Payment
Delayed payment of the initial deposit or final payment may result in the cancellation of your reservation.  However, this is not automatic.  You must actively cancel your reservation to minimize cancellation fees.  Send email to our registrar Rick Roberts at to confirm cancellation.   A minimum $100.00 down payment is due immediately upon registration.  Final payment is due Saturday, September 15th.  After that your reservation may be cancelled and treated as a late cancellation with applicable fees.

Cancellations must be made by Friday, August 31st to be eligible for full refund.
This includes lodging, tuition, and meals.  After that, refunds will only be given if your reservation can be re-sold to someone else.  If payment was made with PayPal, the PayPal fees charged to the retreat will be subtracted from any refund.

Late Registration
Registrations after Friday, August 31st must be paid in full immediately.   Registration will end on Saturday, October 13th.  After that, our ability to process registration isn't guaranteed. Some class, meal, and lodging options will likely be sold out by this date. Contact our registrar Rick Roberts at for possiblities.

Reservation and Payment Confirmation
It is your responsibility to make sure your reservations and payments are properly recorded in your account.  Review your “My Report” online upon initial reservation and again later to confirm payment is correctly recorded. Because some items will sell out, we can’t always fix it later.

Returned Check Fees
Accounts of students whose checks are returned will be charged a $15 service fee.