Here for the first time?

First of all, WELCOME! We are glad that you will be joining us for our music camp. Since your are new to our community, here are some items that will help you navigate the retreat faster:

Prepare for Rain
It looks ike rain for a few days of the retreat, so come prepared. You are encouraged to drive everywhere you need to go from classes to the dining hall, the dining hall to the Coffield Center, etc., but please do not park in spots that are you not authorized to park.

Up in the menu above to the far right you will see "Extras." There are a lot of important documents and web pages there. In one place, you'll find maps, directions, schedules, and more. One of the links in particular is worth noting and is the EMAIL UPDATES. A lot of info has been included in our updates to students and is worth reviewing.

Check-in will be at the Chapel from 4-9 p.m. on Thursday and 7:30-9:30 a.m. on Friday morning. If you can only arrive on Saturday morning, first go to dining hall and find one of our managers or go to our booth in the Chapel. At check-in, you will receive a packet containing your account info, a class schedule and site map, a special gift and your badge. Please wear your badge at all times when at the retreat. if you owe us money, please be prepared to pay your balance in full when you check in. if we owe you money, a check should be in your packet unles we already refunded you through PayPal.

Texas BBQ Dinner and Kick-Off Ceili Thursday Night
We have a BBQ dinner each year on Thursday night at 7 p.m., and it's a good time to meet and greet each other. The event will be held in the Longhorn room of the Coffield Center which is not what it says on the flyer. We had to move it because of the expected rainfall. There will be some announcements, introductions, good Texas BBQ, a dessert and Irish soda bread contest, and sessions. At 8:30 p.m., we have a Kick-Off Ceili in the Rec Hall which is nearby. Here is FLYER about the evening's activities.

On Friday and Saturday evenings we have organized sessions that are labelled slow, intermediate and advanced which are self explanatory. On other nights, we have assigned rooms on campus, but the sessions there are not led by our staff as the others are. There are also sessions at the Courtyard Marriott in the conference room. Generally, we play tunes that people know together and avoid solo performances. We also keep it to Irish music since that's what people are here for. Please do not have sessions in buildings that have lodging such as the Hacienda, Barn, Alamo, Pondersoa and Chaparral. We're okay with your arranging your own sessions apart from ours, but only on Friday through Sunday. Thursday we are limited to certain spaces that are listed in the class schedule.

Golf Carts and Shuttle Bus
For those that need rides around camp, we have a number of golf carts that our staff uses to transport people around. Just wave us down, and we'll give you a ride. Understandably, those with physical challenges are priority, so please bear with us as we go back and forth picking up people and, in some cases, their instruments. Please -- only our managers are permitted to drive the carts. We do have a shuttle bus that will transport people to and from our off-campus hotel - the Courtyard Marriott in Midlothian. Here is the SCHEDULE.

Coffee and Tea
If you want a cup of coffee or tea, we will have Keurigs at the lobby in the Coffield Center and the Maverick. Bring your favorite K-cups or use ours. Please place something in the donation box to help fund this service.

With the exception of our BBQ on Thursday night, all meals will be served in the Dining Hall. (Note to Courtyard Marriott lodgers - your breakfast is included in your room package and will be served 7:15-8:15 a.m. in the conference room on the first floor). If you bought meals at the camp, your name will be on a list for each meal that you selected and our monitors will check you off as you approach the line. if you need to buy additional meals, you can do that at check-in while they last. For a listing of what will be served, go to MENU.

We have performances at every meal and the instructor concerts every night. They will be some of the best muscial performancs that you will hear anywhere. You are permitted to record these performances, but please be mindful of the people around you that you don't prevent them from enjoying the concerts by the placement of your recording gear. At the instructor concerts, there will be three 30-minute acts with a break between the second and third act. On Sunday night, there will be a fourth act which is a farewell performance by all of the instructors together on stage. Th evening concerts will be in the Longhorn room in the Coffield Center and the meal concerts will be in the DIning Hall.

Dorm Courtesy
If you are staying at one of the dorms or any of the lodging areas, please be considerate of those who may be sleeping by refraining from talking or playing music, by keeping personal alarm clocks on low, and limit the traffic in and out after lights are out. Ear plugs are a good idea.

We hold our retreat at a Salvation Army camp. Their history shoud tell you that alcohol is not permitted at the camp. If you discovered to be carrying or drinking alcohol in public, you will be invited by the camp to leave immediately without a refund of meals and lodging. If alcohol is impprtant to you, there is a bar at the Courtyard Marriott in Midlothian where many of our students and instructors are staying.

Emergencies or Retreat Contact
If it is a medical emergency, dial 911. If some other emergency or you need some help, call one of these numbers:
Retreat Office: (469) 215-1840 
Director’s cell (Ken Fleming): (214) 770-5036
By the way, we have a basic medical kit at the retreat booth in the lobby of the Coffield Center.