Instructor Concert Videos

In 2016, we started video recording the live performances of our instructors during the evening concerts with the purpose of selling them to raise funds for the retreat. The excellent venue, the supportive audience and the incredible talents of the performers combine to make these videos remarkable, and for those who love traditional Irish music, these videos will be enjoyed for a lifetime. The cost is just $15.00 for six hours of concerts, and all of the proceeds go to support the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat.

In order to download the videos, you must first purchase the "digi-card" that contains the code that you will enter in the window below. You will be directed to a download site where you must follow the directions for downloading all of the various acts available. To purchase a digi-card, send a paymnet of $15.00 to "" or mail a check or money order to TIMES, 1320 Navaho Trail, Richardson, TX 75080. Be sure and privude a mailing address and note that your payment is for the 2016 O'Flaherty Retreat Instructors Concert Videos. You also may buy the cards at our various camps, clinics and places where we have our booth.

Thank you for supporting our organization through this purchase! From a muscial perspective, we think it will be the best $15.00 you ever spent.



If you encounter any issue with compelting the download, please email us at or call (469) 215.1840.