Instructor Concerts Available

For those that missed attending this year’s O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, you don’t have to miss the incredible instructor concerts during the evenings and our dining hall concerts during the day.  We have now uploaded the concerts from each night of the retreat featuring some of the top performers in the Irish music tradition.  The concerts will last approximately two hours each. And, you'll be able to access the daytime concerts and last year's instructor concerts too.  Here are the lineups:

For the daytime performances, please consult our Camp SCHEDULE. These 30-minute concerts were performed during our breakfast, lunch and dinner periods each day.

Buy your Concert Passes HERE.

Understandably, we’d rather have you enrolled as a student at the retreat, but if you can’t come to us, this is a way we can bring one of the best features of the retreat to you.  Also, if you did come this year and want to review the concerts with friends and family, you'll enjoy all of these concerts in the comfort of your home. The instructor concerts are always extraordinary, and this year we have the daytome concerts too.  By the way, all of the proceeds less the hosting fees will go to the retreat to help us keep our event affordable and in the black.  If you decide to support us by buying some of the concerts, thanks and happy listening!