Age Exception Policy

The O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat is open for enrollment by adults ages 18 and older and youth by invitation only and at the sole discretion of the retreat’s director.

The TIMES Board of Directors has agreed to permit an exception to the age requirement of 18 and older to enable selected youth to attend the retreat.  This was largely done to help advance the musical development of students who are minors that are unable to receive comparable instruction in their local communities and/or unable to attend other Irish music camps of equal benefit elsewhere.  In addition to certain conditions being met for enrollment (see below), the director of the retreat will set limits on the number of youth who may enroll in select classes.  Also, a fixed number of tuition-only scholarships will be available to youth.

All of the following requirements must be met for the retreat director to consider youth enrollment:

If any of the above requirements are not met, the student’s enrollment will not be accepted.  If approved and the students and/or their parents'adult relatives do not abide by these requirements while at the retreat, they will be asked to leave immediately. Due to the potential liability of permitting minors to attend the retreat, there will a Zero Tolerance enforcement of this policy and policies applying to all of the attendees.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has previously attended the retreat and received an age exception, only the form has to be submitted each year. The other requirements are considered completed.